Ask yourself this: if its not a political or ideological cause then why did the 2006-2022 Adelaide Labor Government public officers 'insert themselves' into the Sydney NSW Liberal Party 1970s matter & the Labor Party Sydney 1984 matter? The only issue I have with Adelaide public officers in that they falsified evidence to render me an unreliable witness to these NSW matters, involving Freemasons, Masons, the Masonic Clubs, The Brotherhood, whose members are drawn from both Liberal & Labor political parties in Australia, easily one million times worse as “organised criminals” than any outlaw motorcycle club globally, because they control the Government.


Its surprising how many people in government & the medical industry actually believe in or pass on malicious rumours in order to feel accepted in their groups. Its diffident to understand how extensive this ‘school-yard’ mentality is in mainstream Australia, until you’ve been a target of their insanity. For many years I responded by turning my back to ignore them not realising that this reaction served to encourage them further.


Now I have the evidence to fight them in the courtroom, now the gossiping cowards run to hide behind the power of the Government claiming they had a right to spread the false rumours because its what ‘everyone’ was saying about me so it must be true.


“Rumour: a tool given to the ignorant & gullible to control & destroy the life of the innocent” is a notice I published using reflective yellow letters on the rear window of my Holden Calais in 2001 when I first discovered I’d been subject to a hoard of false rumours published by NSW police for a political or ideological cause associated with their faked murder of a teenager on 2 September 1984,


in September 2018 I discovered they’d been authoring a secret false mental health record on me since 2007, created when I added my name to the State public housing application list at the Noarlunga office of the SA Housing Trust. That false secret record is still in use today in 2022. Janette Gail Francis.