My Big Secret

My big secret I don't think I've told to anyone is that I love stupid people, like Prime Minister Bob Hawke, (deceased) loved being drunk. I love them because, to me, they're such a great source of entertainment. They make me laugh till my sides hurt. I passed Tertiary education psychology course in the 1980s with a Distinction pass. Only one other person in the class got a higher grade. The reality is that I've always psychoanalysed every person I've met from the first time I could remember thinking, which is the day I witnessed my mother having a mini breakdown when she was cleaning me up after I'd been raped by her husband on 3 March 1959. I was 2 years 10 months. So I guess it's in my DNA, my personality. When I got the Distinction mark I couldn't understand why everyone was so impressed, I didn't find it a “challenge” so I didn't put any importance in it. I'm not impressed by much at all. I am impressed when I find someone else who thinks like me but that's very rare. I've not met anyone face to face like me.


Stupid people think I'm the stupid one because they're simple mind can't understand my capabilities, they've been brainwashed to believe intelligent people always have a university degree and are famous. A parchment doesn't impress me, from my experiences with the majority of people who have one.

Its interesting that a narcissisticly inclined person, (compulsive domination) will tend to grow plants in their front yard that are phallic symbols, (penis shaped.) Pencil pines, Palm trees, that sort of thing. The “driveway" neighbour grows pencil pines in his front yard, his palm tree died, the other neighbour grows a date plam that drops thousands of large seeds. My observation is that dick tree growers are usually male & stalkers, a neighbour can be a stalker.



I'd built a fence across my front boundary in about 2017 because the neighbour opposite my driveway kept wandering in whenever he pleased. Another neighbour kept stealing garden tools. Another neighbour kept stealing the hose fitting from my tap. Various State Government Public Officers (GPOs) kept trespassing in response to the “driveway” neighbour's false & misleading defamations about my behavious, aka "fake news".


My landlord would only let me build a short wire fence that GPOs found no difficulty in jumping, so I grew some plants to hinder that entry point. I was then able to let my little dog into the front yard but soon enough dogly found a point to be jumped to escape. So I extended that point with chicken wire. As I was erecting the chicken wire, a different neighbour (to whom I've not spoken even one word) walked past with her children, presumably on their way home from primary school. To her children she said, “What's she up to now?”


That is an example of an adult psychopath who doesn't care about the harm they cause by their false rumours, poisoning another generation against me for no reason at all.

Frankly I don't want to be counted in their numbers. I'd prefer to stay in the background being myself rather than being showered in false admiration by stupid psychopaths who fake their admiration and harbour jealously.


That's why I don't like people, generally. Participating in any relationship, (be it socialising with neighbours or in community groups or in a domestic partnership) is all about what your “willing” to put up with. I've tried that and discovered psychopaths are in the majority. Psychopaths will do anything they have no moral compass. So now I'm not willing to put up with any of that fake friendship bullshit at all. The mind of every psychopath in my community dwells in an alternate reality, to them my solitude means there's something wrong with me. They are the deluded ones who point the finger at people who won't play their insane games and call them delusional.


I won't go into detail as if I do I tend to waffle on a bit. However its clearly the “mirror” complex that identifies every narcissistic psychopath.


Psychopaths & Narcissists


Generally human nature as a child is open and honest; but as an adult is defaults to that of a neurotic psychopath who doesn't care of the damage they cause by spreading rumours, aka, “fake news”. Here's some examples.



Some months ago in 2020 or 2021 I caught one neighbour feeding my little dog bits of something through the wire fence. I yelled at him not to feed my dog he snarled at me. People who feed dogs through a fence generally are conditioning dog to accept their presence. This neighbour has been trespassing on my property in the interim, despite my fence.


The trespass involved him tossing buckets of large seeds from his Date Palm tree into my front & back yard. Sigmund Freud would have a field day with that.


I first noticed this neighbour jumping my fence some years ago after I didn't answer his knocks on my door. I don't know why he jumped my back fence I couldn't see what he was doing.


Recently I caught him feeding my dog again, this time at the front gate in an overt act that is the same as a dog pissing on your fence. He's marking “his” territory and acting out his self-belief in dominance over me. I yelled at him again, instructing him to stay away from my dog, this time he was in the company of the “driveway” neighbour. Oddly enough he left a note in my letterbox later admitting to feeding my dog (trespassing & conversion) without consent. However as this "feeding" incident was immediately after my objections to our common landlord about his “seed trespassing” resulted in the Date Palm being trimmed to look like an ejaculating penis, (I got a Distinction in psychology.) His actions were the latter., dominance.


After I yelled at him for feeding my dog despite that I'd already told him not to, his narcissistic response was to make me out as the aggressor; to which I responded, "Eight buckets of your effing seeds in my yard makes you the one at fault."

Mirror Complex: converting their faulty behaviour into mine.

Have another neighbour who grows pencil pines along our common fence. When he's had male friends round they also piss against our common fence, as he raised ground level in his yard, next to my yard his fence is effectively 1.5 meters tall. The father-in-law pops his head over to have a look into my yard & as the fence is chest level the “blokes” are able to look over our common fence as they urinate against his side of the steel fence.


The hunted can become the hunter of evidence

Perhaps American immigrants don't realise that land title information is public knowledge. The in-laws own the property, the mother-in-law works in Health SA, at Flinders Medical Centre where I was illegally imprisoned as a terrorist act at State election time in 2014.


They used to treat me as their entertainment. One evening circa 2019, I was in my back yard with a torch looking for cooked bar-be-que bones they'd tossed into my yard that my dog had collected, (cooked bones can splinter impaling the animal from the inside) one of this lot yelled out to the male resident,

“Look she's got a torch” then he (yeller) hung over my fence and yelled, “What are you doing with the torch lady?”

So I replied,

“Minding my own effing business why don't you try it?”



Its fun & games when its behind my back, when I stand up to them suddenly they're the victim.

Don't feel sorry for moron dick-tree owners stalking me, because now I'm exposing them. Driveway, pencil pine neighbours in this video were both obviously waiting for me. How did they know I was on my way back from the shops?. He's planned for my return by street parking his motor cycle to include it in video of me he's filming on his camera. I discovered in 2018 FOI response from Government that this cunt has been criminally stalking me for years expressly to defame me in "State falsified mental health records" on blatant lies. Until said, "Stay away from (my) dog, both of you" on 6 Oct 2021 I hadn't spoken one word to this lying cunt since circa 2015 with "Get off my property & stay off."

I've said nothing whatsoever to his partner. I have waved to his children when they wave at me from a window. I pity the children.

I suspect they want me to think he's a member of Rebels MC. I don't. Alex Vella from Sydney Rebels MC publicly denounced NSW Government's claims of Rebels MC association with "Fathers' Day 1984 fake teenage fake murder victim & fake person" in the book & TV series NSW & FEDERAL government funded - BROTHERS IN ARMS. Some time later Alex wasn't allowed back into Australia after visiting relatives overseas.


Dick tree driveway neighbour tells others I'm the aggressor. Spoke to this lot trimming this Date Palm at left & to the blokes who cut down my tree in my yard, after which they treated me like dirt. He's evidently being rewarded by someone to stalk me & turn everyone against me. He erected his video cameras on his house to stalk me in my driveway & front yard since 2016. He ransacked a skip in my yard when I was at the shops to steal from me. He does whatever he wants & police refuse to take any action to stop this shameless cunt. He has no moral compass. He'd be the one tossing the Date Palm seeds into my yard, not the old fart next door who owns the Palm tree. He was tossing other seeds in my yard before I got council to cut those. He'll move onto something else soon enough unless I take him to court for restraining orders.

All roads lead to Rome Elaine.

If I was chasing this cunt to do harm he wouldn't have been physically able to make that phone call. I'm a genuine Berserker which is why I never get angry. On "dick-tree's" blatant lies SA Government attempted to imprison me, not using police but by using Mental Health Act as they don't need to involve any court on that type of imprisonment. The same SA Health male was recorded jumping my fence at State election time in 2018 to again attempt to illegal imprison me using Mental Health Act. SA State Government appear to want to silence me on the same level of outrageous bullshit they illegally cancelled my driving licence after convincing or rewarding Seaford Meadows GP AXIS, immigrant GP Alison Barbara Jane COLE (UK citizen) to break her Hippocratic Oath (adopted by AMA) to put her own personal profits ahead of my health when I was her medical service patient under the Medicare Australia program.


Ok so if I'm not around when they make the movie, make sure they include three of my favourite songs:


Stairway to Heaven - Led Zeppelin: I was born on 1st May, May Day, so that makes me a May Queen. Some of the words are,:

"If there's a bustle in your hedgerow don't be alarmed now, its just a spring clean for the May Queen..."


Child in Time, Deep Purple: I first heard when I was 15, seconds before I was raped in an arrangement between Rhonda the daughter of a cop & my alleged best friend Elizabeth, When I heard the song predict "seeing" as a "seer" I instinctively knew it would be part of my future, as it has been. These are some of the words, "Sweet child in time you'll see the line,the line that's drawn between good and bad, see the blind man shooting at the world, bullets flying, ohh, taking toll … (I've always been good never bad) and you've not been hit, oh, by flying lead, you'd better close your eyes. ooohhhh bow your head, wait for the ricochet."


When You Walk in the Room - Jackie DeShannon: Third song is about my first love who broke my heart when he believed the rumours spread after I was raped of me being a whore. The only way I was able to deal with my statutory rape was to pretend it never happened. My 1971 statutory rape didn't surface again in my conscious memory until this past decade, what's that 50 something years?. Some of the words are, "I can feel a something pounding in my brain, just anytime that someone speaks your name, trumpets sound and I hear thunder boom, everytime that you, walk in the room". Still hurts because he was my first love & I was technically a virgin. No I wouldn't consider a reunion. I'm "nobodies fool"


FYI only solo male singer I was mad about at 14 was David Cassidy, "I'm sleeping & right in the middle of a good dream..."

BELOW LINK Stephenson Freemason Vendetta: 

Irrefutable evidence of conspiracy to pervert justice between NSW & SA State Government Employees to harm Janette Gail Francis over the 1984 Fathers' Day "bikie shootings" at Milperra NSW. Begging the question, did the Government plan the murders of those six motorcycle club members?

With whom is this "dick-tree driveway-cunt" attempting to conspire to pervert the course of justice or due administration of law? Probably Alan Baird from Cessnock NSW who was criminally impersonating a Noarlunga SA Health Adaire House Psychiatrist when he criminally trespassed in Janette's land in 2016 & 2018. Janette used to live in Branxton NSW near Cessnock NSW in 2002 when she was medically mutilated the last time and almost killed her kidnapper, who may well be this very same "Alan Baird" listed in AHPRA as a "nurse" from "Cessnock NSW".


That may be who he talks to as he paces around his front corner block while talking on a mobile phone; probably to whom he was talking & laughing on a mobile phone in his front yard while simultaneously looking at me when I arrived home after work the day he called SA Mental Health Emergency number to criminally defame me by alleging I'd “chased him with a whipper snipper”. according to SA Health "clinition Alan Baird" who was bashing on my door soon after demanding to come inside. Fully recorded in SA Health FOI documents sent to me in 2018.



Wonder if this "Alan Baird" (criminally trespassing in Seaford SA left) from 1600 kilometers away in Cessnock NSW is related to either of these Liberal Party BAIRDS:


Bruce George Baird, AM (born 28 February 1942), is a former Australian politician whose career included a stint as Deputy Leader of the Liberal Party in New South Wales. He was Minister for Transport 1988–95, Minister for Sydney's Olympic Bid 1990–93 and Minister for Tourism and Roads 1993–95. He was also deputy leader of the Liberal Party from 1992 to 1994.


Michael Bruce Baird AO (born 1 April 1968) is an Australian investment banker and former politician who was the 44th Premier of New South Wales, the Minister for Infrastructure, the Minister for Western Sydney, and the Leader of the New South Wales Liberal Party from April 2014 to January 2017.

Lets drive the (Manson) “Walters Family” lies into the dirt a bit further. My eyes are blue like my favourite colour. From my toddler years right up to just before I left home, when my male parent got drunk he used to pull out his bolt action (rifle or shotgun) & his long thin (rifle or shotgun) sit on the lounge at the front window loading & unloading them muttering to himself that he was going to “kill your mother when she gets home” she's taken off to a neighbour's house for her safety leaving us to it. He loaded one & pointed it at me when I was 16. So the chances I would ever take up with anyone who owned firearms or anyone who was violent to women was zero to nothing. Proved by my lack of a long-term relationship. I will NOT be dominated. I subscribe to the maxim, 'What doesn't kill you makes you stronger'. In stark contrast your Government wants you to think I'm a dribbling mental retard. Oh for the days a long-sword settled disagreements. I turned & faced the coward that called himself my dad with the same icey calm I've faced every other coward in my life. He backed down not me. I'm the master of my own fear therefore I fear no coward & nothing can make me beg. I suspect that's why the likes of "Alan Baird" feel the need to "break" me. Not going to happen arsewipe.

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