Evil is everywhere pretending it isn't invites evil in.

My Big Secret



Its fun & games when its behind my back, when I stand up to them suddenly they're the victim. That's the 'story' of my life.

All roads

lead to Rome Elaine Slowman.

Here’s a three minute tour of my “perfect” personality. I only talk in FACTS. I’m incapable of hate, but I don’t like most people. I get annoyed, I don’t get angry for a good reason, I blame it on the Norwegian Viking they call Eric The Red. If I did lose control because I was drugged I could kill without knowing what I was doing (something I realised when I was 16) and as I did almost in 2002 when I was illegally drugged by a short fat Government Public Officer inside at Branxton Golf Club room after I’d been abducted from my Branxton NSW residence. This is why I’ve NEVER been drunk and NEVER take recreational drugs. I need to be in control all the time. Like I used to tell my children “else I’ll turn green & into the incredible Hulk” I’m NOT psychopathic which apparently makes me less than 1% of the population. I’m a Myers-Briggs INTJ and I’m an empath which is a bit of an oxymoron. I don’t subscribe to rumours or vendettas. I’ve NEVER intentionally hurt anyone unless it was self defence or to teach my children right from wrong. I react to harm I don’t instigate it. I don’t understand social inferences as I’m not intentionally secretive. I say what I mean I don’t use innuendo. I don’t like people because unlike myself, most are emotionally high maintenance & psychopathic and/or narcissistic. I can see the future memories of others but only their most harrowing memories that usually involve death of a loved one. Being an empath, I also FEEL that emotional pain & know when someone is FAKING being upset. I’ve NEVER been able to SAVE anyone from a harrowing end. When I’ve tried I’ve been accused of being the one at fault. Most people are too stupid for their own good. Emotionally, I’m unbreakable, but many have tried to break me even with the use of illegal surgical intervention in 1990s. The MATTER. I am apparently more intelligent than most but never seek to prove myself or put anyone down with less intelligence. I’m NOT competitive. My purpose in this life is to leave it a slightly better place for me having been here. I mean that with no emotion whatsoever, its pure fact. My only personal goal it to attain what is rightfully mine, my legal rights, which is something that would never have been taken from me if Australia was a constitutional democracy, which it isn’t, its a dictatorship run by psychopaths who selectively reference Australian law. I don’t consider myself to be any different than anyone else, but apparently I am. I’m usually right but occasionally I make a mistake like everyone else, my mistakes are usually found in putting trust in another who are intentionality deceptive. I don’t “care” about humanity, I only care about stopping bullies from hurting the weak. The first "bully" I stopped was my male parent when I saw hin hit my mum in the face on 3 March 1959 causing her nose to bleed. I was 2 years 10 months old. If I were “God” I'd turn Earth into space rocks & start again, whenever.




Before this website the only person who knew the above & below were my family & the freaks (example at right) since the 1990s who criminally drugged me and stole & continue to steal, my “intellectual copyrighted” memories for their “political or ideological criminal cause” When I was a child (1960s) I had a few reoccurring nightmares. This was before we owned a TV. They started telling me my past then ended with telling me my future. The past nightmare was of me asleep on a rock in the dead of night, outside, I was an adult male wearing nothing but an animal skin. I awoke cold. I could hear sounds with that I was attacked by other persons who hit me in the head killing me. My ‘memory’ tells me they were afraid of me because I was much taller than them. This is where I awoke inconsolably screaming. I figure that either time exists concurrently and I was getting the memory of someone else who had lived where we were living, or I’m the reincarnation of a stone age man, and a number of others according to fragments of memory. When I get the memories of others ‘future’ it comes too fast for my basic human brain to fully comprehend, I only get the ‘gist’ of what happens, with my stone-age nightmare I knew the whole history of it and who were after me and why they wanted to kill me, and that I died, which makes me suspect we’re all recycled with reincarnation.

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Above: Janette at 15 or 16. If you saw the govertnment’s 2012 TV miniseries “Bikie Wars” you may remember they used Janette’s look above as the look for the government fake dead innocent bystander, code name “leanne walters”

Above: 1964 East Campbelltown public school Janette front with glasses, New South Wales, and centre: 1972 Campbelltown public high school Mrs Knight's 4th form PE class (shy) Janette far right standing. below: CHS 1970, Kerry Hatchman's photo.

You can’t permanently brainwash an INTJ and others who think in terms of logic analysis of everything, like Star Trek’s doctor Spock. Done once it won’t happen again. Fools. This is why the Australian government public officers in this terrorist crime turned their attention to my siblings and my children to brainwash them with an illegal ear implant. I know they have illegal implants by their behaviours and the things they believe are true.


The best example for one sibling is their circa 2017 false belief our male parent never tanned which meant that he must be Irish & related to the NSW police family with the last name COFFEY as a direct Y-DNA descendant. Complete bullshit, but the poor thing believes it 100% because she's been brainwashed. He "story" was published in a historical society newsletter. Our male parent tanned as dark as any Italian / Greece descent does. This siblings has the build of our male parent's paternal family, same as our male parent's only full brother and sister, the bitch Aunt below. To me, they look  like they're distantly from Italy / Greece, this uncle was too tall to fit under a modern doorway in Australia, huge. Irish are traditionally short are they not? My mum and myself are the only short ones in my birth family, (5ft 6in) the rest are very tall, male parent is over six foot. Male parent and myself share the same blood group, "A+" mother's and most of my siblings is same as mother's "O".


The best example for an adult child is their post 2017 false belief they knew my male parent’s sister, and called that aunt by her NSW registered birth name, a name no person on Earth called her for most of her life and this revelation occurred after I’d published in my website a 1987 family photo, being the only time my children met that bitch of an aunt who killed my grandmother in 1972, ensuring I never spoke to her again apart from telling her on the day of that photo that I would never forgive her, ever.


When to you I appear to be quite and perhaps afraid, that’s when I gathering evidence. My senses are heightened and I’m recording everything for future reference. If I give a bit of a speech, its usually well rehearsed in my mind beforehand. The one liners are not they’re usually a surprise to even me because I’m not a secretive person, apart from the visions, these days I don’t tell people when I see their most harrowing FUTURE memories, I reiterate, “their memories” its not a disconnected vision of my own creation its the relevant person's “own future memory” I'm tapping into something even I don't understand moments before they or their loved one dies. It might be a hint if I give you a fleeting look of compassion. Being me means I get to laugh a lot at the never ending bevy of fool;s pretending to be intelligent life forms. But by the same token, just because I laugh at what you say doesn’t necessarily mean I think you’re a fool.


When a person makes notes about anyone or anything in their professional capacity, these notes can’t possibly be used as "expert evidence" or valid evidence of 'true fact of an event' anywhere especially in a court of law, to do so LEGALISE CRIME and to legalise false rumours as this is how a false rumour is created, by someone’s else’s false records as wilful or reckless defamation, in the same way NSW police prosecutor Sargent Winter used photos of my Club brand steering wheel lock window sticker that read “PROTECTED BY THE CLUB” to infer that I was associated with outlaw motorcycle clubs, a matter that was accepted in evidence in 2004 Goulburn NSW by Magistrate Rabbidge before he imposed a 5 year AVO (apprehended violence order) on me for peacefully reporting government public officer crime to 2004 Goulburn police, all of them you’ll find them HERE, crime that included one short fat Peter Robert Bradbury, alias Sydney NSW police detective Bob Bradbury involved in the 1984 Fathers’ Day shooting, police fraud, as noted in the Allen & Unwin book “Brothers In Arms” funded by Labor & Liberal Party in 2012 as the TV miniseries “Bikie Wars. You all know where that type of garbage fits in your own life.



We all are unique people, but me, I’m like no one else. I’m 100% incorruptible, I detest people who are, I don’t have compassion for any arsehole, the only people I forgive for being misbehaved are the ones I’ve given birth to.


I can testify, as I am herewith in this website, that the intent of the illegal SCREW shaped implant in my left ear is to attempt to cause me low self esteem. I’ve never felt unworthy not even as a teenager, I’ve only felt unspeakable betrayal. Another purpose of this illegal ear implant, is to insert false memories during the target’s DREAM STATE. Having a dream memory is like looking at a single dimension painted image, there’s always something missing, like “everything else” but the dream. Where a dream is merely a manifestation of your own daily experiences or thoughts, when, in your sleep state, you can’t alter the content of your own dream and when you dream something that occurred many years ago or didn’t happen in the day before the dream then its a bloody good chance its some Government funded arsewipe trying to fabricate a false memory inside you head by talking to you through that illegal implant you don’t yet know you have. Don’t go digging for it, you can find it in MRI. They can even find silicone in MRI, its getting the government to admit they’re terrorists and agree to forgo this illegal activity that is the battle.


The evidence establishes that the illegal SCREW brainwashing implant was developed in partnership with Australia and USA governments in the 1980s at the same time as Australia’s Cochlear SCREW Hearing Implant. 



Includes two MRI of my head in Adelaide AUSTRALIA (2006 & 2012)


In the 2012 image you can see the illegal SCREW implant measuring about 25mm x 5mm and that it had caused an infection in 2006, Physicians in Australia, State Government in South Australia insist this implant is a figment of my imagination, by inference, they won't say it directly - they used their "inference" to deem me  "delusional schizophrenic" on the basis that I say I have an illegal implant that can be seen in MRI. This is your future, the future for your children and their children, if you remain silent on these issues.


Stop voting Labor & Liberals back into government. Put the cunts in prison where they belong.


You can see it had been sadistically drilled into my ear's TEMPORAL bone, they did it through my ear canal leaving a hole that looked like I'd had a pimple burst in my sleep. I don't get pimples, never have.


As archaeologists will tell you ear bones are the densest bone in the human skeleton and the BEST source of ancient DNA for people like my Ancient Britain relative, CHEDDAR MAN.

LEFT: This dark skinned male they called “Cheddar Man” is my distance relative, an uncle, a cousin, a grandfather, I can’t say but a relative none the less, which means one of his relatives was my grandmother or grandfather. The genetics doesn’t lie, my ENGLISH ancestors 9,000 years ago are dark skinned, despite that I’m pale as pale skinned same as my most recent ancestors. Nine thousand years ago the indigenous population of the present day United Kingdom was dark skinned, same as our present day ignominious Australians. Why do the present day pale skin Australian’s detest their own ancestors? Psychologists claim that most people hate the persons they can see the most of themselves in, the subconscious self-loathing. Isn’t it about time people who hate others based on the colour of their skin, are forced to be treated for their destructive mental illness that causes "deaths" in police custody in Australia?