CM = centimorgans


2250 BC -Copper Age Irlbach Straubing-Bogen Bavaria Genetic Distance:7.473 Shared DNA: 10.03 cM

   50 AD - Viking Age Skara Varnhem Sweden Genetic Distance: 7.082 Shared DNA: 10.34 cM

 700 AD - Late Iron Age Tollemosegard Denmark Genetic Distance: 7.066 Shared DNA: 58.11 cM

  858 AD - Viking Age Oland Sweden Genetic Distance: 6.084 Shared DNA: 17.52 cM

1000 AD -Norwegian Viking Iceland Norwegian Vikings Genetic Distance: 7.378 Shared DNA: 25.79 cM

1002 AD - Viking St. Brice Massacre Oxford Genetic Distance: 7.398 Shared DNA: 13.29 cM

1068 AD - Medieval Upper Bavaria Germany Genetic Distance: 6.847 Shared DNA: 17.06 cM


May 1972: My 16th birthday at my house, 43 Darwin Road East Campbelltown NSW. No boys, no booze

L -R: Cathy Willis, Janette Gail Francis (me), Sharon Love, Heather Mack, Deborah Soutar, Lorna Simms. Missing from our group are Liz Selsby (behind camera) and Debbie Fleming (not in attendance.)

viking dna

In my 500+ years ago family tree I'm one of hundreds or thousands, with the same linage but for some reason this makes some people with hate in their heart look upon me with detest simply because I'm a great plus granddaughter of perhaps the majority of the prior kings of England. I say stiff effing shit, they're my grandies, despite any evil they performed in their lives they contributed to my very existence so for that I'm eternally grateful & naturally very proud they're a small part of me. I'm a great plus granddaughter along many lines of ancestry, not merely one. My autosomal DNA says I'm 100% UK. Other DNA research sites say my DNA has multiple 95+% matches in tested burial sites across UK and Europe and include kings of Norway, Sweden and Denmark as well as sites on Iceland. My ancient royal grandies span from Ireland to Russia and include James IV King of Scotland (whose portrait has him looking like Johnny Depp.) Through James IV paternal ancestry, and others, I'm a great plus granddaughter of almost all the Stewart kings of Scotland according to historians, a number of alleged High Kings of Ireland many of whom were from Norway and obviously the parents of their wives. Through multiple ancestry lineages I'm a great plus granddaughter of William The Conqueror and Alfred the Great King of Wessex (849–899) first king of England; and also as obviously the parents of their wives. I'm lucky enough to know my family tree. What pisses me off with the increase of DNA testing its become big business to be "allowed" to know who in ancient history you share DNA with, that should be free because its your birth-right.

I remind you of the obvious, we are no more and no less than the combination of our various ancestors. We, you and I and every drop of matter on planet Earth are a perfect example of recycling. We can't increase matter on planet Earth we can only change what we have into various forms using various means. All manufacturing is recycling. All procreation is recycling. Not all recycling is good for the planet. Because they're my favourite topics, déjà vu is perhaps in part the recycling of an ancestor's memory, however ancient it may be; and I can attest from proved and witnessed experience that I'm a seer and time exists in unison. Unfortunately being in my predictions is not what you'd want as I see death from the future memories of those who've witnessed an event. Very rarely I see left over memories from recent past. Its neither a voluntary nor remunerated trait so don't bother to ask me. Scientifically, I presume its associated with electricity from brain function and may be why I was illegally & secretly lobotomised and implanted with items in my head as seen in MRI by power driven mongrel government staff a number of times in 1990s Sydney AUSTRALIA who in their state of blind-greed failed to comprehend that my websites are aiding me in nutting out points of law for my grandest victory. “...smarter than the average bear.”

Historians have recorded my family tree to include documented notes about alleged family who lived over 2000 years ago. Which means I have hundreds or thousands of great grandparents in my documented family tree. Naturally only DNA confirms a true link and not all your ancestors have passed on currently recognisable DNA to you, still you have the natural right to know who they have without payment, I refer to Magna Carta point 13 - "We will sell to no man, we will not deny or defer to any man either Justice or Right". (These Kings are also my GGs) Which also means as our laws are founded on the Magna Carta, our Government have no established authority to make anyone pay court fees. Its like claiming you have the right to succession to the throne without having any relevant royals in your ancestry. I also have many German ancestors one of those has a name familiar to Australians since the 1980's big bins were introduced. King Otto I Holy Roman Empire. I've at least one high profile corrupt law enforcement paper shuffler in my pedigree, Sir Robert Vavasour High Sheriff of Lancashire who evidently only appointed because he was the father-in-law of Theobald Walter Baron of Amounderness and another High Sheriff.

Deep Dive Matches: These matches are my ancient relatives with whom I share actual DNA Segments. My DNA is matched directly to ancient DNA at the chromosome level. The more segments & longer the chains, the greater mathematical confidence exists of shared ancestry. Higher quality samples from the Medieval Age might share chains of 500 SNPs. Low quality samples from Bronze Age might share 100 SNPs. Centimorgans (cM) is a way of measuring confidence of connection, largely based on the SNP chain lengths. As a general rule, adjusting SNP length is the recommended way to validate a strong connection to a given sample.

According to more than 60 cM means it virtually 100% certain that you and your match share enough DNA to prove that you’re both descendants of a common ancestor (or couple)--and the connection is recent enough to be conclusive. Table left also from dated 2020. The amount of centimorgans you share with a match can also help you understand your relationship to them. For example, you’ll usually share about 120 centimorgans with a 3rd cousin, but it’s possible to share as few as 90 or as many as 200. Be aware that the precise amount of shared DNA can vary beyond the ranges shown in the table.


When Labor party terrorists secretly & illegally drugged me as an elected local Government Alderman - Councillor, they discovered, to their misfortune, I have this Berserker DNA trait. Let me point out, its not an "anger" issue. When I first discovered it when I was 16 what I felt was betrayol, hurt, withdrawal, not anger & aggression. My brain disconnedted me from my body and off the body went to do its own thing, the modern day version of Viking slaughter. Cool huh! I'd kept it my own secret, not even telling my husband or my children and not been in the habit of taking drugs or getting drunk to prevent its occurrence which happens when I'm not "100% in control". My mother and sister seen my one episode but no one but myself knew it was a DNA trait I was controlling by never being out of control of myself. It appears they used this DNA trait to convince the Federal Government to surgically rape my brain, in the 1990s, in walks my local General Medical Practitioners Dr Mohammed R Ahmed (Muslim) and Dr Fred Uehlin (German) without lawful authority or my knowledge, they surgically raped my brain with their obvious intent with the Labor party to turn me into a real life Manchurian Candidate. Effing bloody scum. They picked the wrong "little black duck" to pick on. I soon discovered what they were up to and put a stop to it with my naturally exceptional strong will. Vikings rule, again, click-click-boom arseholes.


I've found resistance in accessing my legal rights as an Australian citizen in Australia, in every aspect of Australia's Governments. Thirty years later and I'm still trying, as I write this in June 2021, still trying to get the matter into an Australian court so I can have the illegal implants removed & restore some resemblance of a reasonable life to my children equally harmed, some just as bad as me so we all can move on from this Labor & Liberal party shit and enjoy at least what's left of our life.


Government also need to start charging their political party aligned terrorists and put these scum before lawful Australian courts for lifelong incarceration. You can't rehabilitate an adult psychopath terrorists.


I'm certain I'm not the only one on the planet who inherited the DNA trait of blind-rage. For me my conscious brain disconnects from my body if I let myself feel anger leaving me with no memory of assaulting the other, as my sister Sharon can attest once and once only circa 1972. I not only look sweet in my "sweet 16" photo, I was sweet.


What the government needs to do is recognise psychopathy is a crime when the psychopath refuses to control their negative responses. Its like a professional boxer getting into a drunken brawl at a pub. Psychopathy needs to be identified at school. The children need to be taught how to control it. I control my blind-rage by avoidance. If I feel myself getting angry I'll either distance myself or if I can't I'll make a joke of it. I make every effort to always be happy so I won't get angry. Many psychopaths see my cheerfulness as a sign I'm an easy target. Like moths to a flame, I'm the flame.


The physical change was an automatic response to that emotional feeling. Physically I thought I felt something burst in my brain, however I've had nose bleeds and know what a blood vein feels like when it bursts, its not like that. Considering the brain is electrical with no nerve centres of itself what I physically felt must have been a short circuit. The death of a neuron perhaps, akin to the death of a star in outer space. After all our complete environment is electrical, the universal outer space and our own personal inner space. All electrical impulses of varying degrees.


Personally I wonder if blind-rage is linked to blood group and or true status of a seer (seeress or prophet) usually abused for profit by fakes pretending to “speak to the dead” or being “clairvoyant”. I'm a seer, involuntary and not for profit. In fact I won't tell anyone, only ever did when I was being brainwashed by NSW Government Public Officers. It got me in a lot of strife with grieving loved ones who were brainwashed to believe I could have stopped the deaths I saw. I'm not a God, I simply can't stop what's already happened. More likely than not I see via electrical currents around us. I can only see the future or past memories of others. I don't predict the future. I merely see what's already happened. Ergo, time in concurrent not consecutive as we believe it to be.


I used to tell my children I turn into the Hulk if I get angry, as a joke, but its real minus the colour and the size thing. If I can stop allowing my blind-rage to take control of me, so too can any man. Lack of self control is a choice, not a mental illness. Being secretly or otherwise illegally drugged or brainwashed through audio implants is a whole different kettle of psychopathic fish. Government psychopaths allowed me to be illegally drugged and kidnapped by others who were curious how strong I was when I was in a blind-rage. I can't control anger when I'm drugged. I've never been blind-drunk for that same reason.


I've never been a follower. I simply can't understand what goes on in the brain-rational process of the peiople in the Milgram Obedience experiments, or why people in Australia refuse to allow me exercise me legal right to have the implants identified, removed and the perpetrators held criminally accountable. Because there is no logic to it. The video (at left) best expresses what I suspect is the fatal flaw in their thought processing of the facts; simply put they're so gullible that they believe my torture is for a worthy ideology. In other words they have a mental illness that makes them believe harming others for profit is reasonable.


I suspect people obeyed authority in the Milgram experiments & Nazi Germany & current times for the same core reason, despite that the actual personal motives are vastly different. Essentially the sort of person likely to follow orders for any reason does so because they want to impress the person giving the orders. Harks back to being a good little (girl or boy) for the mother/father figure. Some people progress to make their own decisions while many prefer to be told what to do or have put themselves in a situation where of they don't do what they're told they'll be in serious strife. Either way if you can't or won't control it, its a mental illness or mental disease.


The Building and Construction Industry (Improving Productivity) Bill 2013 passed the Senate on 30 November 2016. The youtube video (below) a Senate speech of Malcolm Roberts in support of the Bill, in essence defines the crisis of all Australian industries at the hands of political zealots, most expressly the industry that's harmed me most, the medical industry and brain research industry both of which are multi-billion dollar industries that attract psychopaths in the droves. Like blowies to paddock shit.

My Irish Y-DNA so far include R1b1a1b1a1a2c1a1a1a1a1a - Viking Age Hofstadir Iceland North Ireland pre-Viking age Clans. Some Irish ancester I share DNA with are (Clan Laigin) Labraid Loingsech High King of Ireland (369AD) and Clann ODomnaill (O'Donnell) specifically Niall Noigiallach King of Tara, who was apparently a kick-arse sort of guy, this Y-DNA is also linked to Kings of Tyrconnell & Kings of Leth Cuinn, all north Ireland, see map pink & light blue.


This page is for my "brainwashed" sister who has been brain-fuked into beileving our male parent "never tanned" and has the NSW police family Catholic Irish family name of Coffey from the south coast County Cork (Munster) in south Ireland (map green) instead of our Anglican English name of Francis. My other linked website MASONIC DNA goes into more details. However making a long story short cutting out the part where Australia Post staff stole two of my DNA kits before I get them, I'll explain my logic which will also demonstrate how I have always figured things out when I suspected I was being lied to. As I've been lied to by just about every adult I know, I've had a lot of practice figuring things out logically. Might say I'm an expert. Oops I just did.


Our mum's blood group is "O" I'm my parent's only daughter who has the paternal blood group "A+" so logically I'm more likely to have more of our male parent's DNA than either of my sisters. He's where I got my upturned chin. Sharon is 2 years older than me, I'm the youngest, of all my siblings Sharon and I don't look like sisters, she has a long large head like mother's, Sharon has a short stumpy neck where as mine is long & I have a short round head. My head is not like anyone else's in my birth family despite having a small "child sized" head I suspect I have more intelligence than any of my birth family. Might say I'm the abnormality in my birth family visually and personality wise, I'm the proverbial cool cumber under stress they all fall apart. I'm not a schemer have never intentionally hurt anyone. I've never fitted into my birth family, I'm an open minded logical thinker. They all love believing what they've been told to believe. I suspect I'm the only INTJ (Architect or Mastermind) on the other hand I suspect the majority of my children are INTJ or similar, like me. A+ is the most common blood group in Norway. I have most of my “deep dive” DNA shares with Norway ancestors specifically those “disinterred” from Iceland graves in recent years, a huge percentage more than any other archaeological DNA find. So even my blood group is perfect Sharon :D as children dear Sharon was insanely jealous of me but then I didn't understand why she was so effing mean to me for no reason at all. I suspect she told all her friends at school that I did the mean things to her that she did to me, to make them hate me as she did.


Personally, I'm the sort of "whatever" person you see walking away from their twisted family after realising everything I was told was a bloody lie. I hold no grudges but wouldn't trust any of them as far as I could spit as they say. I'm the rock that never rolls, completely independent I don't need to socialise like most of you do, I never get depressed, I don't get lonely, I'm happy without drugs or alcohol, I don't need anyone. I'm the strong, silent & kind type that wouldn't hurt a fly unless it shat on your dinner. If everyone was like me the planet would be a lot better off, instead you all expect people like me to be like you. Look what a shit hole of a planet you have today for your contribution. Go ahead brainwash my family, nothing you do will harm me. I'm the King of I don't really give an effing shit about anyone else anymore, its time to care about what I want for a change. I will say that when I saw one of the last photos of my male parent (left) I can see he's in deep thought, something we both did, I felt a twinge of satisfaction knowing this arsehole was suffering emotionally, at least that's how I saw the expression of its face. He passed on some of my ancestor's DNA we shared a residence and 30 something years but that arsewipe was never my father. I feel satisfied that he knew I eventually knew all his paedophile lies despite his Freemason mates attempts to brainwash me as Freemasons do to their families, I was happy he knew I would never forgive him and that got to him. eventually. I don;t care if my children never come out of their brainwashing, I know they love me under that artificial burden. I'm not like you lot, I'm not bitter, I'm completely rational & think thoughts in logically terms. I'm completely unbreakable, Never forget, never forgive, never go back.


I suspect the only INTJs that make it socially have family money or contacts that helped them. I've noticed that when you show people up they want to knock you down so when you have more idiots who target the clever one the idiots generally win, all in all therefore its the idiots who tend to rule the world, so to speak, simply because they have the numbers. Idiots also tend to be the type more keen to go to war.


My youngest, older sister got the test result that told her our male parent has Y-Dna “R-M269”. I called bullshit on her results. Got my own DNA tests done using fake names after having to send a number of (Australia Post or other government public officer staff) illegally intercepted kits back using my real name.


(Never trust Wikipedia) I researched “R-M269”. group to discover its also known as “R1b1a2” a terminology I'm familiar with in MyTrueAncestry. R1 is the most common Y-Dna. Of the ancient samples of males archaeologists have dug up that match my “Autosomal Dna” (from both parents) a whooping 67.4% have R1 Y-Dna. Of the 41 males I share Dna segments with 24 (just over half) have R1 Y-Dna. Of the 24 almost all at 21 have R1b1 Y-Dna. Of the 21 only one has “R1b1a2”. If the Irish Coffey family were my male parent's genetic match Y-Dna I'd expect more than 1 male out of 41 to match segments of my autosomal DNA.


Impressively, the males who I share the overwhelming majority of Dna segments with, their Y-Dna is R1b1a1 also known as R-L389, so I'm suggesting that may be my male parent's true Y-Dna group on the basis that of the 41 males almost 50% (20) have the R1b1a1 Y-Dna. Not only are they the largest number of males they also share with me the largest number of chromosomes and largest segments within chromosomes compared to the other males. Its elementary logic douche-bags.


Additionally MyTrueAncestry says modern residents on Orkney Islands are my closest “genetic modern population” at 4.385 (by their scale) where 5 is a close match & 10 is a 'might fit in' match. My 2nd & 3rd genetic matches are in south west and south east England; my 4th is west Scotland; then at 5th is Ireland and I know I have Irish on my mother's side, some immigrated to Australia about 150 years ago. So I'm still calling bullshit on yet another NSW police family lowlife scam. Suddenly I don't like coffee anymore.


What sort of a scumbag NSW police officer would falsify a Dna test? If they can do it once, they've probably done it hundreds of times.


Its amazing how many people who make DNA test videos on Youtube are actually clueless about their subject. Generally speaking the ethnicity a company like assigns you to, is dictated by the database of people they have. When DNA sequencing became learned, there was not already some magical DNA bank identifying what DNA made up a white person or a black person. The databases had to be created from DNA samples with those samples they took the basic name and address of those people. Hence this is how your ethnicity is defined. Coupled with that they added the DNA from people they had excavated and where they were excavated from. Adding more clues to the puzzle of ethnicity. All this means that in 1,000 years ethnicity will be totally different to what it is now. Don't concern yourself with your “race” because we're all Earthlings. Just marvel at the fact that your ancestors lived in some pretty amazing places that were totally different than they are today. The fun is pondering what they might have looked like and what their life was really like. Be grateful they lived long enough in their dangerous and probably very frightening environment, which ensured you came into being. Compared to them you're a drama queen, a spoilt brat and probably a whingy winy whimp.


Y-DNA listed on MyTrueAncestry is the Y-DNA of those excavated & with whom I share autosomal DNA. Just like I've stopped believing in the Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny & Santa Clause, I've also stopped believing in the claim humans evolved from Apes. I suggest we merely merged two or more existing human like populations. In 10,000 years I still look like Cheddar Man except for my skin colour & that's explained by the diversity of the genetic pool. Where are the ancient skeletons of the relatives of present day Apes? Why didn't all Apes evolve. Its like the Holy Bible & claims of Adam & Eve the evolution theory doesn't hold water.


In my opinion the Viking era Berserkers were inappropriately historically labelled as fighting in a drug fuelled berserker trance when in reality it probably came naturally. Organic enhancement thanks to evolution if you like. Undeniable although I figured I was mostly Celtic, and I might still be, it appears that from the poor people archaeologists have dug up and DNA tested I'm mostly Scandinavian. I have conflicting feelings about their disinterment.


Below are highest matches to my DNA from people (my ancestors) archaeologists have dug up from a section of our interred community in the west Europe regions, only some of my matches on 1 website.

After federal government public officers in Australia Post, Granville NSW & Adelaide SA criminally intercepted my DNA test kits, I finally got the real one. The PARTY FAITHFUL falsified my male parent's 2017 written results on his own DNA to falsely claim he was the descendant of a Sydney 1800s police family with the last name COFFEY in south Ireland county of CORK. In reality my male parent is part Norwegian who did invade Ireland but I have no ancestry DNA linked to the south where they claim the Coffey family originates; proving the COFFEY police family claim 100% false. I have same blood group as my male parent, A+ which is the dominate blood group in Norway. He's also part Italian which you can see from his visual appearance, the Roman Empire influence.