Evil is everywhere pretending it isn't invites evil in.

Above far left, my mum (Gladys) and myself (Janette) in about January 1985, I'm 28, she's 58 as you can see my head is considerably smaller than hers, I haven't grown at all since I was about 13 or 14. Above right photo is in about June 1985 at my sisters residence in Woolpack Close Elderslie NSW, I was living at 20 Wilkinson Street Elderslie NSW, in the photo are all our combined children, at that time, my sister Sharon, myself, and our male parent, Aubrey FRANCIS (1923-2018) If you believe The Party Faithful, then my family as above have never existed. Read the THREE Court documents above for all the story, however the FRANCIS v ALLEN & UNWIN ORS will give you a good idea of The Party Faithful’s continuing campaign of terror in our life; because the mongrels-dogs can.


Mother's immediate ancestors are Scottish and Irish and French. She has a huge number of Royals linked to the Campbell & MacGregor Clan ancestors. She has black hair, I was born with blonde hair, it grew out dark brown and copper as my adult teeth grew in. We're both the same height (5ft 6in) wear the same size shoes, have the same shaped (French) feet, same large sized hands same width of any man our height. Unlike all my other siblings I'm physically the most like my mother we even have the same shaped nose, all my siblings have the same shaped nose and feet as our male parent. I have my male parent's blood group, his long neck and his upturned chin, and his widow's peak hairline, that's about it, he also has black hair. The Irish I have comes from my mother, not my male parent as criminals employed as NSW police would have my criminally brainwashed sister believe. We all have BLUE eyes, hence the squinting, blue eyes can't filter out light very well, my blue eyes are lighter than both my parents. I would be proud to say if it it were so, however I have no indigenous Australian or Asian ancestry. See this LINK.


Australia’s Constitutional Democracy in action, (regardless of whether Labor or Liberal are in control) is like getting a bottle of crude oil when you paid for spring water. Not what you’ve been promised, not fit for purpose & useless to all but a select few.


Ask yourself this: if its not a political or ideological cause then why did the 2006-2022 Adelaide Labor Government public officers 'insert themselves' into the Sydney NSW Liberal Party 1970s matter & the Labor Party Sydney 1984 matter? The only issue I have with Adelaide public officers in that they falsified evidence to render me an unreliable witness to these NSW matters, involving Freemasons, Masons, the Masonic Clubs, The Brotherhood, whose members are drawn from both Liberal & Labor political parties in Australia, easily one million times worse as “organised criminals” than any outlaw motorcycle club globally, because they control the Government.


Its surprising how many people in government & the medical industry actually believe in or pass on malicious rumours in order to feel accepted in their groups. Its diffident to understand how extensive this ‘school-yard’ mentality is in mainstream Australia, until you’ve been a target of their insanity. For many years I responded by turning my back to ignore them not realising that this reaction served to encourage them further.


Now I have the evidence to fight them in the courtroom, now the gossiping cowards run to hide behind the power of the Government claiming they had a right to spread the false rumours because its what ‘everyone’ was saying about me so it must be true.


“Rumour: a tool given to the ignorant & gullible to control & destroy the life of the innocent” is a notice I published using reflective yellow letters on the rear window of my Holden Calais in 2001 when I first discovered I’d been subject to a hoard of false rumours published by NSW police for a political or ideological cause associated with their faked murder of a teenager on 2 September 1984,


in September 2018 I discovered they’d been authoring a secret false mental health record on me since 2007, created when I added my name to the State public housing application list at the Noarlunga office of the SA Housing Trust. That false secret record is still in use today in 2022. Janette Gail Francis.

Separating the chaff from the seeds. The ONLY accusations or evidence put to me of “their evidence” of my alleged “delusional schizophrenia” from South Australia State department of health public officers have been the below:

1) (in 2014) That I had rotting teeth removed in 1976 by a dental surgeon in a NSW State public hospital.

2) (in 2014) That I sent “a letter” to a “minister” without producing the letter or divulging the identity of the “minister”.

3) (in 2016) That my neighbour at 10 Whitestone Crescent claimed I’d physically assaulted him at a time I could prove I was activity working under contract elsewhere for the Commonwealth of Australia.

Everything else is in their secret documents, including their false accusation that I’d “falsely claimed” to have been sexually assaulted in 1999 NSW by a “minister” & at an undisclosed time in Adelaide being “years ago” in 2013, by a “psychiatrist at Burnside” have NEVER been put to my face or in any document of any kind I’d seen before I received the Freedom of Information documents at the end of 2018, because they never happened, Its their fake story not mine.


The reality is they're a whole lot like America’s Ku Klux Klan their members are Government Public Officers & the Party Faithful. Their targets are determined to secure political supremacy for the political party holding power in Government in Australa, which for the past decades has been either Labor Party or Liberal Party. They are a bipartisan terrorist organisation.  Labor Party (Labour) have been at it the longest yet they claim to give a damn the most - but we still have inequality for women and minorities same as we did at Federation in 1901. The religion or the colour of the skin of those they blindly hate is irreverent. They use the things others hate to secretly stir up trouble and hide behind that anger they purposely created, stepping out of the shadows to act the totally innocent all conquering political heros. Don’t let them use you.

As far as the police go the ONLY accusations of crime EVER put to me by police have been the below:

1) NSW 2004 that I’d made various & multiple written reports to police of crime in State public office for which I was arrested and imposed a 5 year AVO & two consecutive 12 month Bonds to be on good behaviour in the Goulburn Local Court; not  because I did anything, because I complained that a police FAMILY had broken into my residence, when I was away, proportioning to be a NSW State Housing officer, who let my pervert stalker-neighbour ransack my residence causing me hundreds in damages & theft. I come home to my front door swinging in the breeze the locks drilled and a failed attempt had been made to gain entry to my custom fail-safe security system on my back door, which would be when State Housing came into the picture to cover-up the criminal break & enter.

2) SA 2007 that I’d assaulted a police officer with a deadly weapon, being a bamboo back scratcher I’d been holding when he criminally assaulted me without lawful authority, I hit him on the knuckles, I received full aquittal in the Adelaide Magistrates Court.


To illegally render me an unreliable witness in Government record, based 100% on political bullshit-lies, in relation to REAL sex assault & surgical rape matters involving members of the "L" political party in October 1997 & the associated criminal assaults on me to inject permanent fillers in my face to steal my REAL visual identity as the fake innocent bystander on Fathers Day 1984 at the Viking Tavern in Beaconsfield, near Milperra, in Treasurer Paul Keating's electorate before he became Prime Minister.

They, LABOR & LIBERAL GOVERNMENTS, refuse me compensation for the harm THEY caused to me by refusing me access to the process in ANY Australian Tribunal or Court of law. That's their frigging definition of a constitutional democracy.

Where Are The Lawyers Protecting Our


Legal Rights?

CLICK ABOVE for the court documents in question.


TWO SEPARATE "political cause" unconstitutional  TERRORIST actions from Executive & Judiciary public officers in an alleged DEMOCRACY !

South and New South Wales, State and Federal police in Australia don't see any of the assaults on Janette as a crime, despite that they have caused her serious physical injury, they deem the assaults and the Government record defamations (based on invented claims as fact) as civil court matters. The 'Party Faithful' laugh at Janette claiming 'its all good' because its only political bantering. Janette has attempted to get the matters into the civil courts (that involve physical assault, permanent disability and facial disfigurement effected to steal Janette’s ‘visual’ identity for a political purpose involving a past Treasurer of Australia and a Prime Minister, false medical diagnosis in MRI and a secret State Health record, illegal cancellation of driving licence because she asked the South Australia police to investigate the medical crimes that included malicious defamation (based on pure inventions & false rumour)  which is a crime under South Australia State law. I remind you Australia is ‘allegedly’ a democracy inferring that Janette has the legal right to redress and compensation for harms to her person etcetera, under the common law. A natural right? Not any more according to Australia’s Highest Court of civil law in 2022 and the politicians friend and comrade in arms, Judge Gordon and the anonymous Federal Court of Australia Registrar, Janette's lawful and properly documented applications to the two courts were unconstitutionally deemed them "abuse of process" and "vexatious" and "frivolous" DESPITE AUSTRALIAN LAW.


Apparently if you put a bucket on their head, a Judge will do the impossible..

... under the haystack fast asleep after democratically reaching an agreement upon significant 'bonus' in consideration of honourable silence, in due course.

Been trying to get these political crimes of OUR TERRORIST GOVERNMENT into the general public, courts & news for years, strangely in a democracy, without any success whatsoever, much to the delight of The Party Faithful scum populating my electorates and  the  governments in AUSTRALIA specifically, Wollondilly Shire, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne & Adelaide.


So now I'm looking for a:



considering the huge numbers of despirate parasites populating my environment, pretty confident that it'll end the same. Lets  see, I've contacted London, New York & Moscow.

 Considering the tensions against Russia for their conduct they're bound to pick this political scandal - right? Sure, that is if my emails actually make it to the literary agents I've emailed, like my emails never made it to all the newspapers I contacted in UK and USA.

That's fake democracy.


@Australian Immigration Law Services 23 June 2019 

"The Kangaroo and Emu were chosen to be the two animals on the Australian Coat of Arms because they can't walk backwards, reflecting a forward-thinking culture."

I may have only competently passed 50% of a formal law degree, however, on average my observations based on the available facts tend to be 100% correct, 99.9% of the time ... in all modesty of coarse, after all as an INTJ  personality, I only consider the logic not the emotion, you won’t find a brown-nosed ‘Party Faithful’ inside my skin, unless they put themselves in an injectable implant and that wouldn’t surprise me after everything else they’ve done for Bob & Paul & the honour of the hip-grinders in the Masonic Clubs & Temples & the Party. To roll all that up into a tiny package everyone humorously understands, albeit on totally different levels:

“everything revolves around

who is fucking whom,

literally or figuratively”.

Unlawful process

Federal Court refused on basis of my affidavit that never existed.

Unlawful Search by non-police, no authority.



Abuse of Power



Tell Your Story

I'm a proud descendant of

ancient humans which

includes ancient Australians (Australoid)

as proved in my DNA

chromosomes by GEDmatch.com


Unlawful process

High Court

supporting Federal Court illegal refusal.

Politically motivated legal  crime


the world isn't watching Australia.

Above: the family photo The Party Faithful used to brainwash my children over my murdering blind aunt.


Left: What The Party Faithful want to convince my children doesn't exist, the illegal implant in my ear & most probably one in my children's ear  to brainwash them.


To the many gullible people in my community who falsely believe I was born in 1969 as Leanne Walters, not 1956 as Janette Gail Francis, my 9 number tax file number starts with "120" I got it in November 1972 the week after after I graduated from high school & started in the claims section of the Government Insurance Office of NSW in Elizabeth Street SYDNEY the old building of "The Sun" newspaper The Party Faithful entwined my real life with their false story of the fake person Leanne Walters the ALP’s make believe ‘Paul Keating electorate’ election time "victim" of crime. So they could ride in on their proverbial ‘white horse’ & save the day.

Ancient persons my DNA has matched to include:

 8,300 ky male Kennewick Washington USA

10,000 ky male Gough's Cave Cheddar Gorge Somerset UK
12,500 ky male Clovis Montana toddler USA Indian
13,300 ky cal BP Satsurblia
Cave near Kumistavi village Imereti region Georgia
13,700 ky cal BP male 
Grotte du Bichon Switzerland near boarder of France

24,000 ky Mal'ta Irkutsk Oblast Siberia Russia near boarder of Mongolia
30,000 ky Denisova Cave Bashelaksky Range Altai mountains Siberia Russia
37,000 ky Kostenki14 Pokrovsky Valley of Russia
38,000 ky Vindija Cave Coatia Neandertals
40,000 ky Vindija Cave Coatia Neandertals
45,000 ky
 male Ust’-Ishim Omsk Oblast western Siberia Russia
50,000 ky Strashnaya Cave Altai Mountains Russia near present boarder of Kazakhstan.

I can't speak for anyone  else, to me it looks  like we're all related by relation to someone else. I know my variety exists because my mum has many royal links in her pedigree, don't really care about my male parent's arrogant lying moronicly deceptive relatives or ancestors or Brothers.

This is a true life series of events. Its criminal harm was effected for a political party “cause”. This is possible one of the “most” atrocious events in human history because that these series of crimes occurred in a country alleged to be free & democratic where everyone is equal. This I may be anti-white “race” & “atheist” hatred as the “targets” are “white atheists” and many of the aggressors are Muslim or Asian immigrants, but not all. This is “Party Faithful” medical service terrorism on a ‘country wide’ gigantic scale only matched in human history by the age of the “Third Reich & Nazi Party”. Actual start date for this era of medical service terrorism is 24 April 1988. Sydney police detectives were the instigators. This is Australia.

Janette Gail FRANCIS v Allen And Unwin ORS [2014] FCA 1027, Sydney NSW Federal Court, on 22 Sept., 2014 Judge Katzmann, see link in red for this TRUE CRIME Australia's news story tellers keep secret, for political cause which is definition of aiding or preparation for a terrorist act.

Police Family of TERRORIST in Australia

If you think its OK to maintain the status quo in this then YOU are a criminal psychopath.